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I just need SOMETHING to work out the way I want it to.
Where's my snow?!?!
Omg this is absolutely hilarious!!!

So I was packing earlier.  I pulled a bottle of Mucinex from my desk drawer and thought "well I've been sick, but I haven't had a cough, just a runny/stuffy nose, so I guess I'll pack this now."  Famous last words.  I now have a cough.  And my medicine is in the bottom of a box in my van.  My van which is a 5 minute walk away in the snow.  And I'm a giant wimp.

I need more dayquil.
Apparently the craigslist ad was removed, which  makes sense if she managed to get rid of all three of the babies, but here's a youtube link that has my babies in it!!!!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlluLK1vYEg

Nov. 3rd, 2008


It's my bedtime, so I won't actually be up at midnight to post this so I thought I would now...
So last night I put a bottle of water on my bed frame.  It was open.  A couple of minutes ago, I was laying on my bed (with my legs folded under me), working on some sudoku and watching last week's Army Wives (I missed it since I was in FL - do we see where this is going yet?).  A commercial came on, I needed to go move my laundry to the dryer, I sat up real fast...  I must have jolted my bed enough that the bottle hit the wall and fell off.  It splattered water all over my bed and my pajama pants before it landed on the floor.  Standing upright so no more water is spilling out...  Go me!
So today was my last day off (the kids I sit for went to their Grandma's house for three weeks).  I am so ready to go back to work.

The wedding was okay.  Maybe I'll post pictures later.  I'm still trying to get Sam's from her.

So I don't understand how this financial aid thing works.  I filled out my FAFSA.  It said my expected family contribution was $200.  No, I'm not missing any numbers.  My mom doesn't make hardly any money and since I'm her dependent, I only put her information.  So I've been waiting to hear from Longwood about how this will all work.  Well I got an e-mail from them.  My balance is $7000.  I don't know if I just don't understand this, but if my family contribution is $200, why is my balance $7000?  I did get a Federal Pell Grant for $3081 and VA Guaranteed Asst. Prog Grant (whatever that is) for $4540, so that's good.  This, however, means that I'm back to paying more for my schooling than my parents are.  The loans I'm being offered from Longwood are a subsidized loan for $5,500.00 and an unsubsidized loan for $2000.  But what I really want to know is where the hell my scholarships are.  I know I have the John Cook Scholarship for $1000 and the Class of 1941 (? I don't remember what class) for about $800, I think.  Why aren't those in there yet?  I know those aren't financial need based, I just have to keep my GPA above a 3.5 (which it is), so there shouldn't be a delay.  I think I'm to have to call Longwood about this on Monday.  (I almost said tomorrow...). 

I'm so ready to go back to school!!!!  (Besides the fact that I don't have a job there yet since I have yet to find out if I got back on Federal Work Study, which I'm pretty sure I should be since I got those grants).
So I've finished 3 assignments and the test.  I'm so tempted to turn it in like this, without the 4th assignment...  I am just not motivated to write a 5-7 page paper.  And I still have to pack.  Blah.

Jul. 7th, 2008

I'm seriously addicted to Crystal Light On The Go Raspberry Lemonade.  As in I've had 9 bottles of water with it since Friday.  I usually don't even drink one bottle of water a day (I'm really bad about that).  I went to Walmart today and bought 4 more boxes of the mix (10 packets in a box).