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So today was my last day off (the kids I sit for went to their Grandma's house for three weeks).  I am so ready to go back to work.

The wedding was okay.  Maybe I'll post pictures later.  I'm still trying to get Sam's from her.

So I don't understand how this financial aid thing works.  I filled out my FAFSA.  It said my expected family contribution was $200.  No, I'm not missing any numbers.  My mom doesn't make hardly any money and since I'm her dependent, I only put her information.  So I've been waiting to hear from Longwood about how this will all work.  Well I got an e-mail from them.  My balance is $7000.  I don't know if I just don't understand this, but if my family contribution is $200, why is my balance $7000?  I did get a Federal Pell Grant for $3081 and VA Guaranteed Asst. Prog Grant (whatever that is) for $4540, so that's good.  This, however, means that I'm back to paying more for my schooling than my parents are.  The loans I'm being offered from Longwood are a subsidized loan for $5,500.00 and an unsubsidized loan for $2000.  But what I really want to know is where the hell my scholarships are.  I know I have the John Cook Scholarship for $1000 and the Class of 1941 (? I don't remember what class) for about $800, I think.  Why aren't those in there yet?  I know those aren't financial need based, I just have to keep my GPA above a 3.5 (which it is), so there shouldn't be a delay.  I think I'm to have to call Longwood about this on Monday.  (I almost said tomorrow...). 

I'm so ready to go back to school!!!!  (Besides the fact that I don't have a job there yet since I have yet to find out if I got back on Federal Work Study, which I'm pretty sure I should be since I got those grants).


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Jul. 19th, 2008 03:55 am (UTC)
if it makes you feel any better, i am in a constant confused state with my financial aid situation...

hope all is well!
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